Floating phone and messenger

German competition authority publishes final messenger sector study

The Bundeskartellamt (Federal Cartel Office) has been undertaking a long-running sector study of the German messenger (and video services) market, and today has published its final report. I wanted to add a few comments to elements of the report, because without a close reading of the DMA’s provisions it is easy to draw incorrect assumptions about implications of the BKA’s conclusions.

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Blair’s scattergun plan to rebuild the British state

Whatever the wisdom of individual policy proposals in this new Tony Blair/William Hague-helmed report, its greatest failing to me is that it proposes redesigning the entire British state on a greater scale than the once-in-two-centuries civil service reforms of the 19th century which still largely prevail. In a rather scattergun manner…

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The inadequacy of the US Executive Order on Enhancing Safeguards For US Signals Intelligence Activities

The new US Executive Order does not change the fact the US authorities insist on carrying out indiscriminate, untargeted mass surveillance, also of EU persons and EU governmental and non-governmental entities, by means of bulk collection of data, without independent substantive judicial oversight or effective redress.

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